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Default Re: New Max Speed for me.

LOL, humsuckler!

So if we ever race, I'd better Demand that you use the MB. Otherwise, you might well beat me! <---Add a little bit of Smoke from that engined bike, and the Graphic would be Perfect!)

Nash Kat:

The source for my 2 cycle kit.... I've checked into the alleged Option of a 44 tooth gear. (Stock is a 50) I wasn't able to find anything that will sandwich onto the Spokes like the 50 tooth gear did. The only thing I found was a Sprocket that would go to an older system that is apparently no longer available to go with my set up. IIRC, a 5 hole sprocket is available still, but I'd need a 9 hole sprocket to fit my wheels on hand here.

Also. About the tires.

I gave up some Mountain Bike Tires in favor of some Road Cruiser/White Wall tires. The tread is pretty weak (less rolling resistance) but are still of the larger size (26x2.125) and it still vibrates like heck.

You're not suggesting that I go to the really thin 1 3/8" skinny little tires, are ya? My wife has those on her 12 speed Road (pedal) bike, and I'd be afraid to put the power of an Engine on those little skinny a$$ tires. Besides, at an Inflation Spec of 65 PSI, I should think that those would actually give a rather Harsh ride over even the smallest of road bumps at speeds that approach 30 MPH!

Or, am I wrong on this? Still, to go down to such a skinny tire, I'd have to get new wheels for them to fit. There's a bit of a difference in Rim Sizes between 2 1/4" to 1 3/8".

Maybe it's just me, but with the Engine... I'd rather have the biggest tires that I can get on that bike. Especially since my main goal is 35 MPH. If I can ever hit 35 MPH on this dang thing, y'all can call me one Very Happy "Cowboy Rider!"
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