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Default Re: Blueprints For Occ Stingray Motor Mount

i dont know how i can mock that up really, all ive got in the garage is one long piece of of 3/16 angle iron that was used on a truck loading dock,its nice and thick and i was gonna cut 2 pieces of it and weld em together so it will have a seem in the middle of it but i trust my welds so it becomes a strong plate and will fit on top of the elliptical frame, and then i was gonna butcher up my old mountain bike for the tubes to weld to it for the engine to mount to. then ive i got these square u bolt muffler clamps i was gonna rubberize and run em thru the plate i made and tighten it all up to the frame, i just wanted to get the measurements for this kind of mount to get me close to the right angles and stuff with out being so far off my chain keeps poping off
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