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Default Re: E10 Fuel...Is it any good for these motors?

Originally Posted by chrisme View Post
All the fuel in the US is E10. But no, it is not better. After the switch from plain gas to E5, then E10 (and soon maybe E15 )it started eating the fuel lines and stuff in my car. I had to replace filters, the lines, etc. Ugh. But my bike does run fine with it. I run my bike on 89 otherwise it pings with the slant head. That is the highest grade fuel I can get where I live, I'd love to run higher.
You're absolutely right about the alcohol eating fuel lines. The hose they sell that is resistant to the E10 is really pricey but you don't have to worry about your fuel lines falling apart. Anyone with older, collector cars, hot rods, classics should be aware of this and replace any rubber or neoprene lines before a disaster happens. It almost did with me. I'm a firm believer.
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