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Default Re: Have you ever met someone who could NOT ride a motorized bicycle.

the best control setup, in my opinion of course, would be to mimic the controls of a motorcycle as much as possible, after all, people spent a lot of time and money inventing motorcycles and trying out different ways of controlling them, they settled on the current convention for good reasons.

this is how i set up mine: throttle, dual pull brake lever, rear bicycle gear shifter on the right; clutch and front bicycle gear shifter on the left. before i got the dual pull lever i had the front brake on the right and the rear brake on the left, positioned under the clutch such that i could operate both clutch and rear brake at once. didnt use the rear brake much except when i needed to stop one handed... most of the stopping power comes from the front brake though

i stay away from bikes with the backpedal brakes because when riding i'm always adjusting the position of the pedals for more comfort and to turn without dragging the pedal on the ground. with the clutch and throttle, brakes, and traffic theres enough to worry about and its easy to forget not to pedal backwards.

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