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Default Re: Is JB Weld a hole filler or a real metal replacement?

jb weld is not as strong as metal when used to bond to pieces of metal togeather, you can snap it with your hands, i tried it.

i remember back a couple years ago in high school tho when i took the pins out of a buddies locker hinges and jb welded them back into place with a good load in his lock. didnt get it opened up for over a week and when he finally did he bent the door all to **** haha

its good for fixin up threads thats right, and i have hered it used a couple times to repair chain smacked crankcases in dirtbikes. im not too sure if its as good as furnace cement tho, i have never hered of that.

jb weld makes wicked bombproof locktite too if you need something to never move again
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