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Default Re: New Max Speed for me.

Originally Posted by Humsuckler View Post
you know what even more sad? i can sustain 32mph on my 24 speed with my legs on flat with no wind. lol
Well; after the Engine Install, mine is now only a six speed Pedal Bike cause I had to remove the Front Derailer devise. I can get maybe 14 MPH on my own under ideal conditions in top gear. (Down hill, Wind at my back, etc. ...)

You also must be in much better shape than I am. Me, I drink like a fish, smoke like a chimney and am getting old and arthritic. My knees are Shot and there are times when I'm feeling lucky to even be able to stand up without some sort of outside assistance. If it weren't for that Engine on my bike, there's no way in **** (heck) I would have 571 miles on it this year.

So Personally, yeah. I'm in bad shape. But that Engine Build sure has been fun for me!!

I just Love it when the engine is running good and I can get out of town a little for a good Cruise!
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