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Default Loc-Tite or lock nuts - which is better?

Since no nut or bolt from China is safe from vibrating loose, I know I'll have to do something. Replacing every nut with a lock nut would be a real pain but I guess would be worth the trouble. Loc-tite would probably be easier but haven't used it before. I'm assuming a nut with Loc-tite can still be removed and re-used with no problem?
And while I'm here, what's the best way to seal my gas tank petcock from leaks? In the past, I used teflon tape but it still leaked like a sieve. Is there a sure fire way to seal it from leaks from the git go and forget it? I recall that the last kit I got, the threads of the petcock and tank didn't match at all and I had to force it when screwing it in. I'd like to avoid these problems this time around.
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