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Default Re: Another Build from an abandon in the park bike

One more thing if you want to clean up Aluminum or chrome one easy way is to use WD40 and a wire brush. Just spray the brush with the oil and then scrub the parts I use a staniles steel brush I think they work better. The chrome will come out bright and the aluminum will polish nice. Also just a note if you put your bike up for the year and find that when you take it out there is rust all over the place ( I live near the ocean). Try this one Make up some two stroke oil and mix it with paint thinner 3 to 1 then spray the bike (everything). the thinner will evaporate and leave the oil in a very thin coat, (no rust) I think you will like this one. Good for guns and your Harley. Have fun, Dave

PS: Look at the seat stem in the pic above, just the oil mix and the wire brush.
Its just a job. (Link) My shop is in the lower R/H corner.
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