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Default Re: acme lady schwinn more pics

I think I figured out the pictures...
This is a l963 Schwinn American Deluxe, made the same year I graduated from high school. It is the first chain drive bike I put together and is still my favorite. This is not the pull start, but an 80cc thatsdax bump start. I put a wider crank on it from a Japanese or Chinese made older bike so it would clear. I have a pull start for it so as soon as I find a short armed crank from a 20" bike or exercise bike I'll have it as a pull start like the other one not pictured. Seat is Worksman. High rise handlebars are from a dead three wheeler. The front fender light I absolutely love... it is from a Kawasaki Vulcan and the eyes light up when the engine is running... how cool is that! I'm ordering a front fender light for the other bike which is a reproduction of an Indian motorcycle fender light from the fifties. Expensive, but fun stuff. After adding a front caliper brake I changed the brake lever to one from an electric bike which has the brake light switch built in and wired that to a brake light. I also have a rear running light, brake light and headlight all operating off of the engine magneto. I removed the bulbs from the headlight and tail light and drilled through the base so that I could wire in five 6 volt LED lights which draw very little. The wires from five will fit through the bulb socket opening. I like having everything run off the magneto. The headlight originally had two bulbs. laughingly one was for high beam and the other low beam. I left the upper beam alone with the original incandescent bulb so that I can switch it on separately in case I need a bit more light or the bike quits at night... keeps me visible. That light operates as it orignally did off of two AA batteries inside the light housing. The bike trailer is perfect for my dog Aaniimoosh (Ojibwe for dog) who begs for rides. I also believe that the trailer makes me a lot more visible and if people think a darling child is maybe tucked inside there, they tend to give me more consideration. I figure the American flag also helps with the redneck faction... they see me and figure I must be a WWI veteran. Anything to keep it safe out there. Anyway, that's one of my "American Flyers". Long post... as I look at the frame I see it is no lower than your Acme.
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