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Default Re: Beer Cans For A Quieter Muffler!

I tried this with a Icehouse beer can.

I cut the top with a can opener. Drilled eight 1/8" holes in a circle pattern on the bottom and one hole in the middle for bolting it to the end of the exhaust. Bolted it to the end of the exhaust and road off. It got rid of a little of the high snappy pitch sound of the exhaust which was nice. Helps it not penetrating house walls at 3am in the morning. Later that night, driving from the club about eight miles down the road, I heard it fall off. I looked down and the last 5 inches of the muffler was cherry red and blew a little flame out from the end of the pipe for a few seconds. It was an awesome visual effect. lol I'm wondering what the aluminium can looked like just before it fell off.. lol BTW the bolt is still in the end of the muffler so the beer can didn't fall off because the bolt came loose.

I'm thinking of trying the tomato paste can tip that Cabin mentioned.
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