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Default Re: Hello people, I am a heavy commuter at least 34 miles a day.

I weigh the same as you and my struggles as of late deal with flats and stuff.
Running solid tubes right now but the ride is nowhere near as smooth as air tires.
I've also had problems with back wheels bending but I have a wheelman wheel in back of Cronus holds up really well.
On MOOP2 though my vintage made in the USA bike that back wheel is original and hasn't bent at all and I have hundreds of 2 stroke miles on that puppy so my advice in finding a good strong bike is go with vintage made in the USA old school. They REALLY don't make them like they used to no joke.
And another benefit for the 2 stroke fans is that the frame is skinny enough for a stock mount.
When you use the mounts as designed without drilling it seems to hold up really well.
My trike is a worksman and the two rear tires in back really helps alot with my weight.
Once I get my gearing dialed in on my modified Titan up front with that CVT it's gonna be my main ride when I need to haul a load.
Cronus my Titan Cruiser is currently my daily ride.
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