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Default Re: Adding a Front Brake...advice, suggestions, please

awesome, thanks guys.

lefty, the pics you posted help A LOT. my kit didn't come with any c-plates but i'm sure i have some lying around in a pile of bike stuff somewhere; never thought to use them that way.

silverbear, i understand what you're saying about clutch on left and brake on right only being two levers (one on each side). my problem is having the brake on the right with the throttle, not liking it... i start speeding up when leveraging. so i have the brake lever on the left instead. which is causing lever-mash-up on that side.

wayne, i'm really liking that drum brake hub. does that operate with standard lever and cables? or do i need something else special/involved to get that on my bike? i already took the ill-fitting setup off, couldn't get over the washers. also, the springer/coil really is steep like that, it's not just the pic. it's been like that since i got the bike. is it supposed to be oriented otherwise? there really is limited space between fork and struts.

venice, i'm in southern CA... the inland empire i am told. it's temecula/murrieta area, such a difference from NYC. loving it!
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