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Default Re: Goodbye 2 stroke!

Originally Posted by Buddy View Post
I love how they've set up that Titan. I've got a lot of hills here in the Rockies that I kill the engine and coast down, then at the bottom I just reach back with my left hand fire up the engine and I'm gone without having to stop and get off the bike to start the engine.
I tried this today and its surprisingly easy to pull start the titan while your riding.

I've put about 10 miles on my kit so far and i'm very pleased. The very first ride I left my house and the set screws holding the 10 tooth drive sprocket slipped on the jackshaft. So I pedaled home and replaced one of the set screws with a bolt like I think I was supposed to. Everything has been fine since. Except for my wheel which I have not been able to true properly. I just ordered a custom wheel from the local mennonite bike shops. They tell me it will have 36 - 13 gauge spokes and work with my eight speed cassette.

Overall the titan is silky smooooooth. Power delivery is very smooth. She is also very quiet, especially for the rider since the exhaust shoots straight out the back.

Just got an email response from dax. He is sending me a new pto in the mail.

I'm very happy.

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