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Default Old motobike guy- new here

I built a Grubee Skyhawk back about 5 years ago. Been riding it since. Got involved in restoring a 1948 Crosley car and got away from the online activity of motorbikes. Just found this site. I have several questions if I may. I bought my kit from a fellow named Bill Wissell from out West. Very helpful guy and good service. Anyone know if he still sells the kits ? Back then he sold on ebay under the handle "1Cylinder". All he sold were Grubee kits
Also I used to frequent a forum called "MotoKruisers " They even had t -shirts made up for the members. I had it on my Favorites list but had not been there for a long time. I see now it's gone. Anyone know what happened to it ?

Aside from Bill Wissell (if he still sells) who else sells Grubee kits ? If I were to build another I would not want to go thru the process of figuring out what's good and what's bad again. I can say after 5 yrs my Wing Ding is first rate.
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