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Default Re: Do we use Spandex or Leather clothing to ride these MBs?

Thank you one and all for the input - quite entertaining!

Being a motorcycler for several years (haven't been for a while now), I used to wear a leather jacket when I rode. After having a friend suffer terrible road rash when he had an accident (took over a year to heal), I decided a nice leather jacket might help me to not suffer the same fate if I should go sliding down the road.

Sold the motorcycle and bought a mountain bike, which ultimately led to a serious mountain bike purchase. Rode everywhere through summer and winter (in Bozeman, Montana) putting on as many miles in a year as I did in my car. Getting all serious like that, I soon was sold some "cycling shorts" as they were called - literally made from spandex (with a logo on the side). They were quite nice, and offered padding where it counted most.

So with those memories in my head, I posed the question that started this thread. These motorized bikes are smack in the middle of a bicycle and a motorcycle, and I thought it rather humorous to ponder what I was gonna wear to be "in the group" so to speak. It was truly meant to be fun, and many of you took it that way. So far, I've been wearing long shorts, t-shirt, bike helmet, and hiking boots for my rides. But when I get my smaller rear sprocket, my guess is that I might hafta wear a more serious helmet at least (with the higher speeds).

Again, thank you all for the input, I did get a few chuckles out of the responses. For those who thought I was serious, my apology. These motorized bicycles are proving to be a lotta fun to ride, and if we can continue that fun here in the forum, then we'll really have something special to keep us all interested.

Ta-ta, or rather put-put for now...
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