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Default Re: ZERO's First Build (Tribrid)

i have a feeling that if i had pictures ... this would be more interesting so i will work on that... but for an update.
I now have about 40 miles on it and my top speed has been 39 down hill, flat i get about 27. and on the big hills i do have to use the electric and peddle. but the hills here are big... if i had maybe a 30t sprocket it would be better because the motor wouldnt try to die less that 13 mph... i can tell a difference when i cut off the motor, it frees up the 2 stroke pretty good. i had to tighten up the chain again because the electric motor mount is pulling in. but i have it real tight now... i sorta regret it but i spent 50 bucks on a chain breaker and a third hand chain tightener at our new tractor supply but i was glad to get it back on the road. so now the chain is tight enough to not have to use the chain tenchioner but if it loosens, its still welded there and i can slide the wheel down to use it.

i do plan on getting some pics on here and some videos on you tube. so thanks again and i hope this might help someone else do another one... its costed me about 800 altogather. some from trial and error and some tools you might already have but it was worth it i guess. i might have to recaulculate that. later ill keep updates.

HERE IS A VIDEO YouTube - Tribrid Bicycle

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