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Default d.i.y. stainless air filter ($5 toothbrush holder)

i've been trying to do away with all the plastic on my boardtracker.
while wondering through walmart yesterday, i came up with a cool idea for an air filter.
it all starts with a $5 ss toothbrush holder. there where a few to choose from, but only one type with a tight fitting lid.
i used the plastic screen in the stock filter as a template /screen. i did have to remove the taps with an x-acto.
you'll need to drill a hole for both bolts and the nut that holds on the choke, and of coarse, holes for the air to flow through.

once the holes are inplace, its just a question of bolting the toothbrush holder to the carb (you'll have to replace/cut down the original bolts), adding a sponge and your done.

while i'm not sure its improved preformance,it hasn't hindered it.

does look cool though.

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