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Default Re: Other options for rear sprocket?

Originally Posted by Humsuckler View Post
DONT use a coaster brake rear wheel. you could end up with a nasty ruined wheel if the bolts catch the brake arm like mine did. part bad idea, and part builder error... (i was too lazy to just remove the brake arm and put u brakes on it and now i need a whole wheel.... tire tube and all)
The coaster brake arm CAN be bent allowing further clearance from your sprocket bolt heads. However, the hole on the stock sprocket I got with my motor kit wasnt large enough to prevent the brake arm from rubbbing the inside of the hole where it is under the axle nut. I was lucky enough to have a friend with a metal lathe so we turned the sprocket to make the hole a bit larger. I suppose if you dont have a metal lathe available you could do it with a metal file or just down the edges of the brake arm where it fits up against the axle.
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