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Originally Posted by Coval_PL View Post
I thing I have an answer. Half hour ago (in Poland is no 2:00pm ) I met one guy with motorbike and I've ask him about this problem. He told me, he had the same problem if the lever loaded valve at the gas tank is on the full-open position. I have also full open so I have to reduce gas flow I hope will be fine.
One more question. Which valve is beter to to that: at the tank or at the carb?
I honestly dont believe the shutoff valve at the gas tank would affect gas mileage. The float in the carburator bowl acts as another shut off valve, but I guess it would be worth a try to see if it changes things.

If you think your engine is getting more gas than it should it would be easy enough to verify by looking at your spark plug tip. If its black and sooty, your fuel mixture is too rich. This is a good way to figure which notch to put the clip on your carburator needle. The closer to the flat end of the needle, the less gas will be mixed with the same volumne of air and the cleaner your plug will show. However, if the plug is so clean that its white, youre running WAY too lean causing your engine to run too hot and possibly headed to a melt down. Spark plug tip should be a light brown.
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