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Default Re: Are foreign metals a welding issue?

Tin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have several wall mart bicycles that they claim are made of tensteel.
Or other Chinese cheap steel.
When they break I throw them away.

When I build a recumbent I want an old schwinn , for a donor frame.
The steel is American made from a time when that meant something.
I will find a schwinn ( at a yard sale) with rotted tires, rusty chain, bent rims, torn seat .
For the right one I ask "HOW MUCH."
Seventy Five Dollars they say.
I ll take it a say.
SHHHH !!! sometimes it is Five dollars. Not seventy five dollars.
TYhe local vender's don't understand why I will pay top dollar for some American made bicycles, and PASS on Wallmart junk.
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