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Default Sacrificing pocketbike for push trailer.

Well as the title says, im going to sacrifice my souped up pocketbike for a pusher.
I just dont really know how I should go about the project, so im looking for some interested people to come up with ideas.

I am looking for a top speed of about 60kmh with a crusing speed of 45-50 kmh.

I want to keep this trailer fairly compact. Basically, the only "trailing" part should be the engine, jackshaft and rear wheel not extending any more than 2 feet from the back of the bike.

I dont know jack about gearing ratios.

The easy route would be to gear down the back wheel's sprocket to the smallest reasonable. Ill pedal the trailer up to 20kmh before engaging the throttle.

Sounding like a good idea already eh?

I will post up some pics tomorrow and mabye take some stuff apart.
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