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Default Re: Howdy From A Defector

Nah, you're not one of the bad apples. And maybe that's something of a misnomer. Maybe sour apples is more like it. What I got tired of was when somebody came up with something, be it lighting, gearing, etc. The engineers would come out of the woodwork and give all kinds of equations, formulae, etc of how you SHOULD do something or why it wouldn't work. Or the ones that had no practical experience in a particular build type yet knew all kinds of things about how to do it better.
And actually, I stay away from any kind of apple spirits. My first drunk as a youth was on Triple Jack apple wine. Knee crawling, fire hydrant spewing bad news. Couldn't even eat an apple for years afterward.
ZEVO- yeah I know you know what I'm talking about. BTW, I asked this over there of you a long time ago but got no answer. I guess you left already. Were you ever at Can Tho air base?
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