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Default Howdy From A Defector

Howdy all,

Defected from that other site. I just couldn't take the attitude over there anymore.
I hadn't logged on over there in months.
Then I cruised this site for a while and found some of the same folks over here. Haven't run
across the same "bad apples" yet tho unless, like I, they changed their identity so as not to
be associated with the other place. New beginnings and all.

Anyway, as far as bikes go, I'm into friction drives, having built a couple. I like the simplicity
and quiet compared to noisier chain drives. I use my bike to commute so it MUST be reliable.
I have found the F/D to be just that. I also really like the CVT concept.

I'm not a big poster
and mostly like reading what's new and/or unusual. I also like to read
others' problems so that I may learn what's potentially coming at me. Don't like unpleasant

See ya in the threads.

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