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Originally Posted by Junster View Post
So Pablo your the Amsoil guy, What mix are you running?
Funny you should ask. I just mixed some fresh fuel yesterday - after the heat wave broke! I finally bought some fresh premium in my 2 gallon can. Last few tanks I haven't been all that precise, just mix and go with regular fuel and Dominator oil at about 25:1.

My slant head seems to be pinging, hence the premium (92 RON+MON/2 AKI)

My premix can to the line holds 1.25 gallons (160 fluid ounces), so sometimes I estimate 1 gallon, etc. This time I wanted a tight measurement, so I poured in about 1/2 gallon fuel in, added exactly one fl. oz. of fuel grade castor oil using the Mix Mizer, and mixed well. Then I added some more fuel, added exactly 4 oz of Amsoil Dominator and shook the can like crazy. Then I very carefully filled the premix can to the 1.25 gallon line.

So that's 5 oz of oil in 160 oz of gas. 32:1.

Bike goes very well, interestingly that the ping is still there - the main thing I notice with premium burning the smell is different combined with the castor and Dominator smell. More turpentiney. Not unpleasant, just different. But then again, maybe my castor oil is going to linseed oil rancid.

As for 100:1, well it's doable with Amsoil Saber - folks are running it now. But with these engines, I and Amsoil recommend 50:1-80:1. Funny, Amsoil was the first with 100:1 oil in 1973 and all the other companies laughed at them. Now some of these companies make 100:1 oil.
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