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Default I'm a newbie. Learing about broken spokes and chains.

Was having fun with the first 20 miles. I noticed the chain was loosening up so I tightened the idler. Things just went down hill from there. I tried to run it without an idler after replacing the wheel but I only got 7 miles with that setup. I think my spokes are just too thin for one thing. I think a spring loaded idler would be better. I did get her to go 32.5 mph on a 44 tooth sprocket and I weigh 225 lbs. Looking for a better spoke setup up. Is an "HD-105" an 11 gauge spoke? I'm thinking I want at least a 12 gauge spoke. Money is tight but hoping to get back on the road again. I'm wondering what farthest distance someone has gone in one day with breakage on these things.
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