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Originally Posted by noobtard View Post
if you go 50:1 or whatever for "break in" with synthetic don't expect the rings to set until 800 or so miles btw... just my experience with semi-synthetic 16:1 for 3 gallons... then switched to 16:1 regular 2 stroke 600~ miles my rings still aren't even set.

I ran the crap out of my motor too btw... BIG hills... the "synthetic" gives the illusion that your engine is actually broken in... it gives more power.. but with an actually "broken in" motor it would give wayy more power.
So, what you are saying is that after a thousand miles on Amsoil at 50-1 from day one without any real "break in" period my engine is not yet broken in? If I understand correctly then the very best one could do with an engine is to break it in using regular two stroke oil for the prescribed number of miles at the mix ratio suggested by the manufacturer and then after break in switch to a really good synthetic. It seems to me that with all the confusion about oils, ratios, break in periods... that it would be good if there were agreement and a kind of consensus on what is a solid approach for a person new to one of these engines who wants for it to perform smoothly with power and last as long as possible.
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