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Default Re: Bikes for Winter Builds

The only trouble I see with mountain bikes is that they quite often have a verticle rear dropout which leaves no room for adjusting the chains.

You also might want to put smoother tires on , if you're not off-road all the time, because knobbys like that will give you a lot of vibration on the road. Smoother tires like 1.75 width will roll faster too.

You might want to check out the track bikes on e-bay (search "track bikes" there)-

Our motor sprockets fit right on a flip/flop track fixie hub, but will not thread down. (What we need is 36 track cog!) The reverse thread lockring will lock it in place laterally, and then the usual mounting stuff will drive it forward- I want to cut some rear supports from pie plates to save weight, or bolt the sprocket directly to large flange flip/flop hubs.

Anyway, they have some really cheap new track bikes with flip/flop narrow wheels and brakes- if you aren't a "cruiser only" minded person. A track bike, with a single speed freewheel on the pedal side, would be about the lightest bike otherwise.
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