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Default Re: motorized bike - security methods

i saw an key-operated electric switch on ebay, i was thinking once i get my break lights set up i'll wire the key operated switch to the kill switch, so that it can only start with the key turned

im gonna put all the additional electric stuff (like the battery for the break lights and head lights) inside a box that will go in the frame under the gas tank, and mount the electric key switch on the box. im also going to be mounting switches to turn off/on the headlights and brake lights for stealthy riding. if the box is strong enough it will be very hard to start it without the key, especially if i wire it up in a confusing way. as an added bonus it will look more badass.

wont really stop anyone from taking it while im at work, but it will make a strong deterrent from someone trying to ride away on it while im at the store getting some smokes or whatever.

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