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Default Re: Do we use Spandex or Leather clothing to ride these MBs?

Crazy Horse say's welcome, and I prefer Levi's Blue Jeans, plain white t-shirt weather permitting when riding my bikes.

Might get ran off the road by four wheelers wearing spandex or send the wrong signal to alternative lifestyler's. Don't want that to happen! LOL.

Peace Crazy Horse.

Originally Posted by SpandexOrLeather View Post
Howdy to the forum. Just signed up yesterday, as I needed to do some searching for specific questions I had. Thanks to all of you who post your knowledge here for us newbies, it helps a lot.

My user name comes from my dilemma at figuring out how I view this contraption I'm riding around on. I guess it'll depend on what sort of speeds I feel comfortable riding at. My real name is John, and I live in Boise, Idaho. Anyway, I've been busy breaking in a 66cc SkyHawk GT5 kit I bought off eBay recently. It's in a decent older mountain bike I've had for several years, and fits quite well. Have about 50 to 60 miles on it (as of today), so should be able to cut down on the oil used in the gas now.

Am gonna be using it for basic transportation around town and such, so don't expect too much new input from me on mods or wild upgrades. Just wanted to say "hi", and to thank you folks for taking the time to make this a nice forum - the first one I've truly wanted to join. Have a gr8 day, and keep it upright.

PS - Can I wear spandex AND leather together??? Maybe this could become ANOTHER new niche item for our market! I'm sure the adult industry would end up making a new fetish out of it. <sigh>
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