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I use the Amsoil professional sabre and have since my engines were new. Amsoil says their mix should be at 100 to 1. I never had the guts to try it at that ratio and went with 50 to 1 with good results over the years. But now I think I'll try the amsoil at 100 to 1, first going with about 75 to 1 to see if performance improves. Then move leaner as I go and see what happens. I'll give the Opti-2 a try if I can find it around here. I wonder which is the better buy, the Amsoil or the Opti-2. At a 100 to 1 it makes these synthetics pretty reasonable in price and if the performance is enough better I wouldn't much care if it was more expensive by quite a bit. Thanks for the thread...
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