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Default Re: Welding Aluminum Gary Fisher build I am planning.

Originally Posted by ratty View Post
I think the best way to weld aluminum is with a TIG, but even still it is very tricky. I would pay somebody to do it. I'm pretty sure that either way you weld alum, mig or tig, you must reverse the polarity. I was reading a post the other day on one of these forums about 'brazing' aluminum with a mapp or propane torch and some aluminum rods from it is, check this out....looks very interesting
Thank you.. I just tried the welder and oiled the feed drives a bit and it is running better than the Harbor Freight USED TO.. Already got it all ugly. I am still going to have fun with it.. Welds better and DID NOT pop a fuse YET. Thanks again.. I fear your option may be the best one.. I might even be able to "beef it up" around the crack and (please refrain) make it stronger than original.

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