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Default Re: Welding Aluminum Gary Fisher build I am planning.

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
I can't see the back of that welder and I didn't see for sure in the description. To weld aluminum you have to have argon sheilding gas. Second problem is you usually need a spool gun too. Aluminum wire is soft and many times it will not feed all the way down the normal gun lead like steel will, and if it does it usually won't feed smoothly. A spool gun carry's the aluminum spool at the gun so it doesn't have to feed thru the lead. They also make now what are called push/pull guns. The gun has a set of powered rollers that pull the wire along with the set that pushes the wire in the welder. Both those options are expensive add-on's and you need to make sure the welder has hookups to use them. It does say you can reverse the polarity. You only need to do that to change from flux core wire to solid wire with gas sheilding so I'm guessing it does have hookup's for a gas bottle. Your aluminum frame bike is also heat treated. Once you weld on it that's gone in the area you weld and it will be soft. Don't know how'd you'd re-treat it.
Yes it has the gas hook up. It does not have electric rollers in the gun I fear.That is something about the softening of the aluminum. Thank you for teaching me that. I will google treating aluminum later and will probably end up attepting the job and failing. Might as well try. I will look for argon and then attempt. The wilder came with a nipple for gas input on the back and no hose. I will look for that later as well. Hmmm I imagine stainless is a challenge as well.

Thanks again for the knowledge. I have a few welding books and will look in them for aluminum information.
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