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Default Re: 20 Inch Occ Schwinn Stringray 5 Speed?

OK well i tried to do the gear swap and it was A NIGHTMARE! first off i wouldn't recommend this to anyone with out the proper tools to pull the hub/cassette apart if its used parts, mine were jammed on real good. Also,fyi, the outer ring that you need to unscrew to take the gear off is reverse threaded,so loose is to the right! i came to find out the hard way that the OCC Schwinn Stringray rear hub has all loose ball barrings with no cage to hole them in,so take your time pulling it all apart over a drop cloth or something cause i spilled out at least 40 little ball barrings all over the place and there is gonna be no way your not going to spill any attempting this!
(at least this gave me the time to repack my barrings and hub assembly)

so anyhow, i had 5 various donor rims from 10 speeds and mountain bikes,it all came like the OCC hub packed with little ball barrings that went all over the place when you pull the gears off! in the end,all the parts would not fit and im completely disgusted with even trying to attempt this. i almost lost enough parts that my original Schwinn hub would of been useless.

i would love to know which bike has the right sized cassette of gears that will accept on the OCC Schwinn hub, the only thing i found out to be interchangeable was the axle lol!
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