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Default First real ride 2 miles

Tuesday July 28th- ok i got the chain tight with the tentioner and rode about a 1/2 mile and back to the garage and the chain lossed up again so we lossened up the bolts on the tentioner and tried to tighten it again and the threads were stripped and i wasnt going to wait another week to try and come back so we pushed it as tight as we could and welded it to the bar.

wooo it was awsome i rode it from the garege to my wifes dads house. it was have a hard time at full throttle but i figured it would be untill broke in. and on my was the back wheel picked up a stupid wire off the side of the road and wrapped it around my cassette and locked me up but i got it off and started back... most of this was up hill and the top was about 22 but once i got to a straight stretch which was almost flat i got up to 25 and the throttle was straightening up.

before all of this i had one problem. we had the back up on a jack stand and got it started with the electric motor which i have to use every time i start it, we let it run to see how well it ran and to check the throttle and to turn the electric switch off at the controller. one problem the motor was still rolling and causing the controller to light up all three battery lights so i decited that couldnt be good for the controller even with the switch off but with the switch on it bogged down the gas motor.

SOLUTION i cut the positive wire and ran a switch from both sides of the cut wire, the switch is located in front of the seat on the back of the "Child Seat" bar i have on there for my 1 year old son , it fit in there perfect. so now i can use the motor to start it and hit the switch to cut the motor off directly and give the gas motor less stress to pull and it keeps the electric motor from burning up and keeps the battery from being over charged and keeps the controller from being confused. there is only one problem i have found so far with the switch, if you cut off the electric motor with the switch you cant just switch it back on... you have to switch it back on and then turn the controller switch off and on. so i will need to re rought that switch to make it easier to do while riding.

one more problem... my mirror gets in the way of the left brake lever and so i need a new mirror that kinda sticks out more i guess im going to order one today... one more problem. i need the clutch pin and ball in order to use the electric motor by itself before i start the gas motor. i also need to get a better brake. i guess ill try and get one for the front... i would like a disk brake but i dont know... i also want to put a big mud tire on the front i have one and its real wide i think it would benifit more than it would look stupid.
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