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Default Re: Hello from Indiana!

Thanks for the welcome. I've never had more fun in my life than I've had with these contraptions.

In my experience, the Typhoons need an angle brace up front to keep the motor from resting on the chain guard -- at least on the "60cc" motors I buy. The basic brace comes with the kit, and 5 minutes of metal-bending is all it takes. I've also found that the old red-line coaster brakes require very little alteration to the coast-brake arm. Enlarging the sprocket hole is the hardest part, at least with the files I have. I've also sometimes found it necessary to grind a flat on an interior crank or two to provide clearance, but I really prefer that to bending the crank.

Now: has anyone had any experience with a rear-wheel friction roller kit? I'm not looking for speed. I have a newish Schwinn Deluxe 7 that I'd love to motorize without hanging a lot of stuff on its very nice blue/aqua frame.
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