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Default Re: Manic Mechanic - It's a No Brainer!

Originally Posted by jonjen2 View Post
Jim, can I call you Jim? Or Mr. Awesome parts guy? I own one Schwinn Jaguar. It has a MODUS 08-H hub, is this the same as the 08-E? I see that you are in the process of creating a complete install kit, but I am leaving for OSAN AB Korea in October. If this hub adapter and sproket are the same then I will order the one you have ready....If not well I will try to get the sproket kit working until I can order the correct one and have it shipped to Korea, if you can ship USPS? I know this was long winded, and I thank you in advance for your time.

I'm sure we can get you fixed up before October.

You will need to measure the diameter of your hub. I would guess that they are the same diameter, and that the "H" as opposed to "E" represents some minor change, or designates a production run...but nothing is certain so it will be best to measure it. The 08-E measures 1.185".


P.S. You can call me James, you can call me Jay, You can call me Jim...Just don't call me late for dinner...
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