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Default Re: An install Kit for the Schwinn Jaguar

Out here Motorized Bicycles are just that Bicycles. As long as they are under 49cc and do less than 30MPH on flat ground they qualify as non motor vehicle. No lisc no plate no helmet required.

I personally wear a helmet just because I love my great barbarian looks. The issue the Police seem to have is I use the Bike lanes and trails which must safer for the bicycle however the locals law seems to think i shouldn't ride in the bike lane that i should have to ride the right lane like the little scooters do. However local law states that any "bicycle" shall have control of the provided lane.

I have yet to be given a traffic ticket for anything yet although i am getting tired already of the harassment. I called the local office and spoke with the traffic supervisor and he has asked that I bring my bike down and have a meeting with him so we can educate the traffic enforcement officers as to the difference between a MOPED and a assisted bicycle.

I have set up the meeting for this coming sat afternoon and I intend to ride my bike to the office and see if I get pulled over on the way. The last officer i encountered with was other than friendly and figured he could bully me into not riding it at all. I have been assured that the issue can be cleared up but I am not really going to count on it.

I figure the next poor officer that pulls me for no reason will get forced into writing a ticket maybe if i get in front of a judge and get proven not guilty in open court they will just leave MB's alone.
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