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Default Re: Bicycle motor with a cat?

Here in AZ the standers are: Hydrocarbons 220 Carbon Monoxide is 1.20, thats pretty damn clean. CA has a higher standerd, does anybody know what it is? I can check my bike when I go back to work on thur. I think it is just to please the environmentalist.
I will tell you something, but dont spread it around I could get in big trouble. I have busted out many plug cats for people who could not afford to buy a new one. And I've always been able to get them to pass. In some cases they actually passed cleaner, that goes for the smog euipment for the early 80's vehicles. I have disabled them and made it look like it was working to fool the inspecters. And guess what, not only do they run better, but run cleaner. But try telling that to big brother!!
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