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Default Re: Please Help! Clutch Problems

brandon you should give the motor a little time to break in you will get more power from it after it has broken in. I got some more power from my motor by shortining the intake as cose to the motor as it can go. The only problem I have with it is that it leaks a little fuel from the carb because of the angle of it. I am going to be getting an intake from Manic Mechanic and I will be asking him to make it as short as possible for me. I have tested the stock intake compared to the short intake and you do lose a lot of power from the longer one but their is a little more torq. How I fixed the torq problem was I removed the gasket from the botom of the jug to get a little higher compression and used orange rtv gasket maker to seal it up. I also have done the piston skirt trimming to the piston I have alink to the post that shows the pictures and how to do it below.
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