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Default Re: Bicycle motor with a cat?

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Joe, you do know that Roland proved these 2-strokes would pass emmisions here in AZ. I wonder what is in his cat? I'd like to see one cut open, you should get an ideal whats in it if he say's how much it weigh's. If it's a real cat, it should weigh alot more then a regular muffler.

Yeah, I saw that Roland got 'em past the EPA. This guy says he sells 'em with a catalytic converter....I just wondered if he was full of it like a lot of ebay sellers, or if he actually has a cat on them. He hasn't responded to my inquiry yet.

ran49- I saw it on one of his ebay ads. I look through all of the sellers there periodicly to see who's telling what kind of lies (and there are a LOT of those) and who the honest sellers are. This cat thing got me wondering, since I guess it's possible, though not probable...unless it's some kind of cheap Chinese cat. His engine prices are the same as the ones without cats on 'em.

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