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Default Re: Please Help! Clutch Problems

Originally Posted by brandongordon2002 View Post
Hey guys, i just built a buddy of mine a bike with engine kit on it, it started up fine but has a lack of power, im geusing i just need to use it and it will come to life like mine did. The problem is when you squeeze the clutch lever and rev the engine the clutch catches as if you were to release the lever quickly, ive tried adjusting the clutch arm cable and haven't found a spot were it will work with out catching when i rev it. If i dont rev the engine its usually fine. Would i have to physically adjust the clutch on the opposite side of the motor? Thanks guys
yes adjusting the flower nut s simple, pull the clutch in so you can move the nut easily. If it is catching just loosen the nut a little at a time i'd say the next opening for the screw to go in. And if that is not enough a little more. If you loosen it a lot and the motor will not engage anymore then you would have to tighten up the inner spring but it will probably not come to that, it's easy too as long as you follow the directions on hoe to do it.
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