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Talking Hi from Colorado

Hi my name is Con.

I think i'll finally introduce myself after months and months of reading these forums. I've gathered enough information for my first build, on an old fuji road bike to now, a Felt MP cruiser.

My old Fuji is a cheap chinese motor bike build where I used the crank derailer for a clutch and right brake as the throttle. As a road bike the thing vibrated to no other and I decided on my 2nd build.

My 2nd build is FELT Mp using a Morini motor with custom motor mounts provided by DEAN at PIPELYNE in California. He has supplied an exhaust, 45 tooth sprocket, and air intake filter. I have the chain tensioner setup from RIDLEY "Vintage" motor bikes. I decided against using the top tube as a gas tank as some of the better known members on this forum because of the amount of work and funds limited to me. Instead, I opted to use a small cylindrical tank that mounts behind the seat for my fuel.

I'm inspired by the members of this Motor bicycling forum for many different reasons but creativity is why I love this hobby.

I'll post a different thread about my bike later when I have pictures.


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