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Default Re: Motorized bicycle resistance?

Originally Posted by csetech View Post
Our big bicycle shop is a piece of work. I use it because it is about 4 miles from my house and they have a large service department with lots of bicycle type parts. I am about 40 pounds over weight. When I walk in the door, They ask me if they can help me but with the demeanor and attitude I pick up it is, Hey you Fat F*****, your in the wrong store. I absolutly will not reveal that I am a motored bike guy and if I ride it up there, I hide it on the side of the building and and walk around. Years ago I took an electric hubmotor on a wheel and asked if they could "center" the wheel or whatever that is called when you keep it from hitting the brake pads at one spot on the wheel. The owner ran over and said "We don't touch ANYTHING powered, get that thing out of here. Seems like everything they do is snotty. I commented about how clever the bike stands they were using were and they VERY condensingly said... "They been doing it this way for about 100 yeeers..Heeers your sign"..
Jeeze I just wanted to compliment his shop layout.
oh yeah. I got the same treatment I am not fat, but I am poor , and I considered myself a cyclist . They didn't like me much in this store in pasadena, after the one time I asked how much where some "basic" cycling shorts, when they told me they where $140 I chuckled a little. when I realized they where serious I flat out told them "you're f'ing with me right? what do they ride the bike for me?". then they chuckled with that same demeanor like saying-hey poor boy youre in the wrong store-.

good times. I think I actually rode more than they did. since I didnt use a car. the bike was my sole transportation. but they where the "hardcore" cyclists go figure. oh and I did 6o mile rides on jeans yeah I took it like a man . and I could ride over 20mph non stop the whole way. I guess once I had to do it, I became a better cyclist by accident, then they did on purpose.
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