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Originally Posted by Cabinfever1977 View Post
$119 plus $40 shipping i wouldnt let that price bother you,thats around average for a engine kit,you can even get it cheaper.
I ain't been around too much yet. I thought it was way too cheap, is why i was suspicious.

Thanks for the link, that's what i was looking for was a "real" website. And it looks like almost the same kits.

Which rig did you get? Man i got so many questions. Like, in general, how do you operate these things? The website i referenced says you engage the motor by "releasing the clutch handle". Does that mean i need to keep the clutch handle in all the time or the motor will kick in? And how do i brake and work the clutch at the same time? Seems like if i only just braked, i'd stall my motor. But at 40MPH i think i'd want both my brakes at my disposal and not be worrying about the clutch.

And, has anyone used one of these sorts of kits on a 27" racing bike? My favorite bike is a hybrid, it's sorta a cross of a mountain bike on a 27" frame. That's the one i'd like to motorize.

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