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Default Re: Locked UP ???? Help

Originally Posted by Buzzfire View Post
I drain the gas and oil and mixed it properly. I checked the chain and it is too loose, so it was bunched up. I took off the cover where the chain is housed and fixed it. But it appears that the chain is too loose. It gets bunched up. Do not know what to do.

Are you using the chain tensioner? You should be and that's how you adjust chain tension. The wheel/roller will need to be moved upward to tighten the chain. The kit supplied chains are almost always three or four inches too long for most bikes. You'll need to remove a few links. There are any number of posts on this forum dealing with chain and how to cut them. There are tools made to press out the pins in the rollers or you can grind off the ends of the pins and use a small punch and hammer to drive the pins out. When you install the master link make sure the closed in of the clip is facing forward on the top chain or the portion that is entering the motor. We could offer more help if you could post a photo of your bike and especially a good picture of your chain tensioner installation. Ideally you want about 1/2 to 3/4" play, or slack in the chain when installed. You measure that on the top chain with the bike moved forward until the chain sags. Less than a 1/2" is too tight, more than 3/4" and your chain is loose and can bunch up on the engine sprocket locking your rear wheel. Hope this helps you.
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