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Default Re: Part failure after less than an hour

Originally Posted by reg454 View Post
I ordered a new CDI from thatsdax well I have it but I had to wait for a new Magneto to come in, well I got it in today hooked everything up and it started. Well I went for a little ride to make sure everything was running ok then I went home, let the motor cool checked all bolts/ nuts, wires well the plug wire was loose that goes into the CDI. I took it off and the screw is loose and will not even produce a spark now. LESS THAN AN HOUR ON THE PART mind you. Well I shot thatsdax an email about it and the order number we will just see how this gets resolved. I've been waiting over a month to get my bike back in order and I did then less than an hour later a brand new park fails.

sorry about sounding harsh
Note that runnung the ignition without plug attached can cause CDI failure. It's very risky looking for spark by holding plug against engine. Better to wire it to bars or frame while checking spark.
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