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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by captainrichhill View Post
I'm surprised no one here has mentioned reed valves. I think they would help overall performance. The last post I saw with reed valves said that top end didn't change that much but every where else was better. I'm starting to work on my own design reed valve system. I hopefully will find one that already exists and only needs little modding for our application.
If anyone else has any input let me know.
Reed valves are awsome in how they can improve just about everything. I am waiting a new motor for my mill/Lathe combo to start building/repairing some custome mods such as a backup booster jet engine. I have built some pulse jets in the past the cool thing about pulse jets is that they are completely free of moving parts and sound really dam wicked. once i get the new engine ill be experimenting with some reed valved jets. ;')
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