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Default Re: 20 Inch Occ Schwinn Stringray 5 Speed?

Brettmavrik set his Occ up with a 5-speed cluster and a deraileur. It was easy. The sprockets thread on. Use a punch and hammer to knock the original, single sprocket, freewheel loose from the hub. Thread the 5-speed cluster on. You will need to spread the rear of the frame about 3/8" so that you can put the wheel back on.

If I remember correctly the deraileur bolts right on without any modifications.

I you are after a 5-speed pedal bike, I don't think the whole change-over will take more than a few hours. Freewheel swap, add a deraileur, alter the chain length, and mount a shifter.

If you want a shifter set-up for your engine, it get's more complicated.

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