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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by CRUISER View Post
very nice jemma! i always look forward to seeing you motorized bicycle modifications. you will soon no longer be the lonesome rackie. i ordered my dax titan and looking forward to joining you.
You know I like to tinker

Next modification will be the tuned pipe - which I am hoping to reverse so the pipe itself heads forward instead of round the back of the machine.. make it less conspicuous and less likely to get damaged.

I had to take off the current exhaust mod - that engine runs so hot it actually destroys the rubber elbows which *should* work with nitrous so I am surprised.

This bodge job actually gave the bike 1.5 - 2mph!! without it the engine bogs at top end and wont manage more than 31mph which really surprises me - these tanakas thrive on back pressure...

Good luck with the titan... the only thing that concerns me about that rig is the weight balance on the machine since the engine is alot higher and weightier than the GEBE style designs... although since I havent ridden one I cant judge... seems like I shall have to head over the states sometime soon for a extended test of different bikes...

Incidentally, I am going to look into seeing if the chengine mount can be modified to fit ala rudge autocycle...

This would make the chengines suitable for womens underbone bikes although it will need a longer chain run from the front of the bike to the driven sprocket - or even set up to use the jackshaft kit mentioned on here....

Jemma xx
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