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Default Re: Won't idle with clutch in, help

I had exactly the same problem once with the engine struggling to accelerate and dying at idle.. at high speeds after pedalling my **s off the engine ran good. After checking and replacing almost everything, the engine was still struggling and I was at my wits end! The very last thing I did was remove muffler and found it was really blocked up with carbon. Im guessing at high rpms exhaust pressure was high enough and could escape more easily out. The black stuff tends to build up in the muffler more during run in with high oil/gas mixtures and low rpms so it needs a good cleaning now and then especially if its ridden at low speeds alot.. if you ride it fast enough exhaust gases will be hot to burn some of the garbage out possibly eliminating the need for cleaning it in the future.. check the muffler for easy air flow as it can really affect the performance of the bike.

Hope this helps..
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